Sunday, December 25, 2011

Quiet Alaskan Christmas

As usual, the immediate family (kids and a spouse and grandson) are many miles away, but we got an early wake-up call from Taiwan.  Our son was happy with his stuff- Puma shoes, clay, straight razor, vitamins, books and we were up anyway, so why not.  We bought ourselves a Hexamid tent so we just had a few items in our stockings.  Shout-out to Virginia for the neck warmer and Denali and Erin made me bookbag decorated with handprint palm trees and a Denali sized cookie cutter.  Tim and Pam gave us snowshoes so we're heading out to the country tomorrow with a pack of lunch and matches for a bonfire.

One great surprise was that we won the quilt raffle from the Tillamook Quilt Museum.  It'll look beautiful in our guest room so come and visit.

We are walking all the streets of Fairbanks (104 miles so far) and tracking it on the map in the phone book. Today it was -18 when we left and -6 when we finished our 5 miles 2 hours later.  The snow is coming down and it really looks like Christmas.  The 3 hours of daylight means we see the Christmas lights outside day and night.

Our family has all called (or we called them) and we're tucked in with our jigsaw puzzle and books.  We go to my brother's house for Christmas dinner.

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